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CrashPlan for Small Business Features

The feature that sets CrashPlan for Small Business apart from many other online backup tools for business is that it provides true unlimited backup. There’s no cap when you get to 10TB of data and no file size limits. By comparison, competitors like Carbonite for Business and IDrive Business limit you to 250GB on their base plans and make you pay to add more storage capacity.

The catch is that CrashPlan only lets you backup one computer, while Carbonite and IDrive can be used to backup unlimited computers. You can, however, use a single CrashPlan subscription to backup as many external drives (but not NAS) as you want.


Ease of Use

CrashPlan shouldn’t provide any serious hurdles for most users beyond getting past the initial backup phase, which can take days or weeks to complete depending on how much data you have to backup. The client takes just a couple of minutes to install, after which you’ll be asked to sign in.

On the other hand, while it isn’t hard to use, backup operations with CrashPlan could be simpler. As an unlimited backup service, Carbonite could simply backup based on file type.

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CrashPlan keeps its small business pricing simple: each computer you need to protect costs $10 a month and you get unlimited backup to work with. Unlimited backup means you and your employees don’t need to worry as much about what gets backed up and what doesn’t, which in turn lets you keep the focus on productivity.

There are no discounts for annual subscriptions. The cost is always billed monthly, which has the advantage of letting you cancel at any time. Prior to shelling out any money, however, you might as well take advantage of the 30-day free trial.

The cost seems good when you compare it to, say Carbonite for Office, which charges $200 per year for 250GB of backup, and $99 per additional 100GB that you need. Supposing that you need to backup 1TB of data on a single computer, that means Carbonite will set you back around $900 per year compared to $120 with CrashPlan.

The cost comparison analysis loses some luster, however, when you throw Backblaze into the mix. Backblaze for Business also lets you backup unlimited data for one computer at a rate of just $50 per year.

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